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  • Brantwijn

Top Ten Things to do in Thairy (If You're Up for Some Risky Fun)

10. Race with the Hounds of Herne – If you're fleet of foot, you can take your chances trying to run with the goblin hounds. The High King of Autumn sends these puppies after those who most annoy him... because he likes watching the dogs run their prey to ground.

9. Go for a Ride with the Puca – This shapeshifter has been known to travel the roads as a dark black horse in the middle of the night. Climb on his back, and he'll run wild across the countryside until he bucks you into a ditch at dawn. Unseelie faeries keep a betting pool to see if anyone has what it takes to keep from being thrown. So far, no one has.

8. Visit the Hookah Dens of the Drow – Share a traditional pipe with these Winter fae. Rather than tobacco, they enjoy a unique delicacy from the lands of Oberon with a crisp, sweet flavor, a rare bloom they call "snowdrop".

7. Take a Walk Through the Hanging Gardens of Tír na nÓg – In the land of the Springtime Elves, you'll find the breathtaking gardens of the Faerie Queene, Glorianna. She keeps scores of beautiful flora from all over the mortal world, and the unknown reaches of Thairy. As an added bonus, you could run into Ladies Nineva and Nerissa, the stunning princesses of the Court of Elves.

6. Listen to the Mermaids Sing – Titania's famous mermaid choirs are great, as long as you can keep from throwing yourself into the deep to swim into their arms. They'd be more than happy to welcome you, of course...but they're not keen on letting go.

5. Celebrate May Day with the Shining Throng – Summer fae love holidays and parties, and May Day is quite a favorite. If you're the frisky type, you'll find no shortage of like-minded playmates to share the festivities.

4. Arm Wrestle with a Buggane – These massive, black-haired ogres used to terrorize humans on the Isle of Man, but they never venture outside the realms of Thairy anymore. The Knights are among the only fae with the strength to pose a challenge to them when it comes to arm-wrestling, but with a little luck, maybe a mortal could overpower one of these massive slabs of muscle and meanness. The bugganes are always up for a competition.

3. Scale the Glaciers of Oberon's Realms – The cliffs of ice in The Winter King's backyard rival any of the great peaks in the mortal world. Only the most physically primed dare to attempt then—and even the most agile of fae have to be at the top of their game.

2. Win a Dance with an Enchanted Moura – These ghostly fae ladies frequent monoliths and dolmens throughout Thairy and the mortal world. They're usually looking for mortal men to set them free from their enchantments, but they’ve been known to come up from their thrones to favor a visitor with a dance... if one is charming enough.

1. Join the Neverending Bacchanal – If you can find the wild ring of Unbridled faeries in service to Sovereign Medb, they're rumored to hold an everlasting celebration of wine and fruits of the earth. Rebellious fae from all Four Courts are said to have been taken by the Bacchanal, and now eternally celebrate in a timeless party. You're welcome to join their revelry if you like, but be warned: those who enter into the ring of Medb's faeries may never find the will to leave.

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