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"An excellent read! The heroine takes hold and relentlessly keeps you enthralled from the beginning of her story until the end of this book. Serenity is a young innocent who becomes a deadly, vengeance seeking, chain weaving spell caster who bonds with a powerful demon, a forbidden pact that leads to unimagined death and destruction in this apocalyptic fantasy. A well written and well executed storyline. Loved it, loved it!"

                                           ~ Verified Kindle Customer

                              Five-Star Review

A deal with a demon leads an apprentice witch on a journey for vengeance...

Once a nameless waif left on an old woman’s doorstep, Serenity Walker is now a prodigy in the art of casting runes. But when her mentor is murdered before her very eyes, her hopes of home, a family, and belonging, die with him.

Now, to find the man who reshaped her past, Serenity offers up her future. She’ll face a world where rune-weavers are hunted down to be hanged, whipped, or burned alive... but she won’t face it alone. Her quest leads her into a dangerous deal with a demon. Armed with its dark power and her own talent with the runes, she blazes a trail across the lands where ranchers and railroad men are kings, where the prevailing law is the law of the gun.

Alongside her demon partner, she's finally closing in on her prey with vengeance on her mind... and dangerous black magic at her fingertips

If you stalked the night with the Night Angel Trilogy, set things ablaze with The Dresden Files, or followed the beam to the Dark Tower, you'll love this dark fantasy adventure.

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