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snow leopard, glowing eyes, moon, snow, cave
Shifter's Dawn, Brantwijn Serrah, reverse harem series
wolf, starry night, snowy peak

If you enjoy Meredith Gentry, Immortals After Dark, or the Southern Vampire Mysteries, you'll love this series!

Shifter's Dawn, Reverse Harem Romance

Nailed me to my chair and only let me go to get more tea and finger food! I didn't get to bed until 8 am the next day!

                               ~ Verified Kindle Customer

                                          5-Star Review

A freak storm derails her plans... and the whole course of her life.


Elaina discovers a new world of myth and magic when two beautiful shifters save her from freezing in the Siberian snow. But in a time of fear and danger, her heroes face exile from their own alpha and pack. In order to save them, Elaina must become the first human in thousands of years to learn their ancient magic.


All she has to do... is the impossible.

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