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Book One

The death of a tyrant king should have set her free. Instead, Sadira could be dead by dawn.

After the fall of Alaric Khan, Sadira finds herself still at his mercy, held siege in his castle by a deadly curse: Alaric's ultimate revenge. Surrounded by chaos, rising paranoia, and disasters, Sadira discovers an unlikely ally in the barbarian warrior Bannon Sha'kurukh. Alaric's killer... and her new Master.

To escape Alaric's power, Sadira must bring Bannon into her secret world of domination, possession, and desire. But their quest to uncover Alaric's secrets—and their own ruthless passions—draw them closer and closer to an unspeakable conclusion.

The source of the curse... can only be Sadira herself.

Fans of The Witcher, Immortals After Dark, and Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series will love this high-heat, fantasy romance full of dangerous liaisons and passionate themes of power exchange.

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To rescue her heart, he must dive into the waters that drowned her.


Ji-Huyn Ahn is a woman born and bred for sunshine, white-sand beaches, and gorgeous blue waves. But half a century ago, a vampire stole all her sunrises and summertimes, imprisoning her in a world of night. Since then, she lives a half-life, hunting creatures of the night with her evenfall sisters of the BCA and striving to recapture some sense of self on the waves at night. When an unexpected obituary shows up in the local papers and threatens to crack Ji's hardened façade, events are set in motion: she will have to face the traumatic loss of her human life, or hide her head forever in the moonlit sands.

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To prove she's not a killer, she must embrace the monster within.


Kate Ramirez has spent years running from a family determined to keep her caged. When she finds herself in scenic Newport Beach, it isn't long before she's drawn to a group of local eccentrics. But when a fellowship gathering turns into the scene of a bloody slaughter, she finds herself the lone survivor.


And prime suspect.


Sebastian Stone never met a case he couldn't solve—but he's never met a brazen beauty like Kate before, either. Chasing her down means going beyond the smoke and mirrors, into a dark world of myth and monsters, where shocking answers lead to more questions. Closer and closer to the painful truth of who Kate really is.


And what she is capable of.


Fans of True Blood, Anita Blake, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will love this new urban fantasy romance series... with bite!

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