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Isla Querida

This month's free story blog features three of my favorite characters: Finn, Nineva, and Nerissa, the fae guardian of the Springtime Elves and his two princesses. You can read their full stories in my Chronicles of the Four Courts series, Goblin Fires and its sequel, Elvyn Nights.

Fantasy waterfall, cherry blossoms, pool

They darted ahead of me: twin flashes of white against broad, dark palm fronds. They moved like deer and their laughter bubbled in their wake, tender, girlish, sweet. Had I truly wanted, I’d have overtaken them, silly creatures, without a scrap of trouble. If they were deer, I was the stag. But I let them lead, keeping just ahead of me.

I caught sight of Nina’s periwinkle hair, then the prim shape of Neri’s ankle and her delicate white sandals. Rosy fireflies and dusky night-time butterflies drifted through the warm air around them; the sultry notes of coconut, island blossoms, and the girls’ own bright, fresh scents guided me through lush swaths of jungle. I was a little tipsy and more than a little riled, and my pretty pale does knew it. When it came to my passions, my girls knew all.

We were in Summer territories, and that meant Summer revelries. Bonfires on the beach, fevered dancing and sporting in the ocean waves. My brothers of the Seelie Court would probably be shagging mermaids in the wet sand or tangled in the embraces of island nymphs and fauns before the night was out. In the morning they’d wonder why I hadn’t joined them. They’d laugh and jest that the orgies of Summer faeries were too much for their half-elf cousin, youngest of our line.

The truth is no nymph or mermaid, no woman at all, tempts me near so much as the ladies racing now further up the path. My wards, my princesses.

My only loves.

The music from the beach lingered in the distance, its beat thrumming in time with the rushing heat inside me. I’d known all day I’d end the night like this. Sometimes, you know it, you feel it in your blood and you nurse it for hours and hours, relishing the anticipation. My ladies and I came here on diplomatic business but as soon as we’d hit the white sand beaches, caught the glimmer of sunlight on the sea and smelled the crisp, fresh salt on the air, I think all three of us knew. We’d be making the most of this trip, no question of it.

I’d been half-hard all day, attending my ladies while they made the greetings of the Elvyn Court to the representatives of the island’s Summer clans. They did it in smart little bikini tops, flawless white, and flowing sarongs hitched up on their hips, whipping in the breeze as they walked. I’d thought of Neri’s taut little breasts warm in my palms, Nineva’s smooth white thighs spread for my cock. My blood ran hot and my body longed for their touches all throughout the day’s ambassadorial duties, through the evening when our Seelie hosts called us to join their evening sport. I always kept an eye on my tall elvyn girls—I was their bodyguard, after all—but tonight I couldn’t keep my eyes, nor my mind, nor my hands, off of them.

The Summer faeries served us sweet rum drinks and decadent tropical fruits. I watched fair Nerissa hold out a juicy wedge of mango to Nineva, watched Nineva suck delicately at it before taking an indulgent bite. I thought of those lips, that tongue, on Nerissa’s soft pink sex. I imagined the two of them licking sweet nectar from each other’s luscious flesh. And while I fed my own temptation with such fancies, the Seelie fae kept my glass full of bright, fine liquor and citrus, and my fascinated need grew deeper, hungrier.

Nineva turns adorably flush and giddy when she’s drunk; Nerissa knows I love it. So the younger princess made sure I saw each touch of glass to lips, each pretty sip of spirits stoking that tender glow to her twin’s cheeks. I watched Neri take the first taste from some deliciously wicked-looking blue drink handed to her by a nymph, and then lean close to kiss Nineva longingly on the mouth, sharing it with her.

Nobody in the Courts thinks it strange if Nina and Neri flirt between themselves. To most fae, they are one and the same person: the twin princesses of Springtime, two halves of one whole. Two beings, one mind, one heart. The courts don’t see my girls as I do… so they didn’t see Nineva twisting to make the kiss last longer, gripping Nerissa’s fingers in urgent pleasure. They didn’t know what I knew: my two does were in need, and when their kiss broke and their twin, cat-like gazes flicked for just one instant to mine, I saw they had the yearning for their favorite stud—me—to slake that deep thirst.

Coy, gigglesome Nina and sly, salacious Neri, were trading hopes for a good, hot tryst with their Knight.

So I slipped away, excusing myself from the cluster of my Summer kin to wander vaguely into the warm, dark night.

I caught up to my girls further on the slope of a jungle hill. Here was a perfect, private corner of the island’s main resort: a waterfall poured into a pool of dark, shimmering water running out into a clear stream. An actual hot tub had been built off the side of the pool, where one could sit and soak in warm jets or slip sinuously into the cold, natural pond in a moment. A patio of bricks curved around the hot tub side, the minor luxury of man-made comfort blending into the wild beauty of the jungle around us.

My girls sat together, kissing one another in tender ravishment, on a lounge chair by the tub. Their cheeks pinkened at the sight of me and they giggled together, hands over their mouths. Oh, yes, I knew what they were thinking. I fell upon them, between them, and kissed them each over and over. Desperate hunger burned in me. I inhaled the sweet scent of their hair, the delicious aroma of coconut from their suntan lotion, the hint of rum and sweets on their lips. But underneath those pretty perfumes, I smelled them. Their skin…their heat. They made me ache all over to have them.

“Ooh, Finn,” Nerissa whispered in my ear, as my mouth descended to her throat. She pressed herself to me, offering her breasts, and I tore the bathing suit top clean off of her without even thinking. She let out a soft cry when I pushed her back on the lounger and covered her smooth, perfect flesh with hot kisses, tracing my tongue over peaked nipples, pausing to give each one firm, flirting suck.

“Please, me too,” Nineva said, and she slid her own suit over her head. I obliged her, shifting to kiss her warm, beautiful tits and suck hard at the pert, pebbled tips.

Nerissa slid out from under me and joined me, so that together we nursed at Nineva’s lush breasts and made her squirm and cry out.

“Oh!” she squeaked. “Yes! Neri… oh, Neri, yes… and Finn…oh, how I love thee both, don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

Of my two ladies, Nina had the tenderer breasts and I knew we could drive her to climax just by this, if we wanted to. My cock throbbed for something more, though, and though my dizzy, drunken need could gratefully indulge Nina’s every sexual whim, I wanted inside her now.

Nerissa, meanwhile, had sought out my rigid organ under the nylon of my own suit, and her long, slender fingers wrapped gently around it. On the first long stroke she discovered the head already slick with pre-cum, and moved her attention from Nineva to me. Sliding off the lounger to her knees, she tugged my shorts from my hips, and took my cock deep into her hot little mouth.

For a moment I thought for sure I’d come, hard and without warning, forcing her to swallow as I did because I sure as hell wasn’t going to pull out of that sweet, wet heat. I rode the swell of pleasure overtaking me at her first touch, and I kept myself from bursting, but I brought one hand to the back of her head and held her there, just in case. Her tongue slid around my cockhead, and she gave a moan that sent sweet vibrations all the way to my core.

“Fuck, girls,” I moaned. I get a bit colorful when I’m drunk and getting sucked off. “Och, I been waitin’ for this all day…”

“Finn, our love?” Nineva’s breath came trembling and heavy. “Oh, will thou sate us? Will though please fulfill us?”

“You damn well bet I will,” I growled, and I kissed her breasts again.

As Nerissa slid one hand around the base of my shaft and began a long, gluttonous rhythm, hungrily devouring me, I slid my free hand down Nineva’s body, tugging away her remaining clothing. The sarong slipped loose easily; the bikini bottom underneath came off with a quick flick of the wrist as I undid the ties at either hip. Already, her sweet sex glistened with need. A thatch of trim, neat hair—periwinkle blue, just like the rest—crowned the swell of her lovely mons. She smelled sharp and wickedly sweet, and that scent filled my whole head. It made me hungrier for her, desperate to taste. So I did. Bowing my head I opened my mouth to pleasure her, tasting her honeyed, faintly salted flesh.

Oh!” she groaned. Both her hands tangled in my hair and she pressed me closer. Her hips flexed to meet me as I dragged my tongue over her tantalizing cleft.

Nerissa released me from her mouth and pumped my cock in her hand instead. She stretched herself up to join me between Nineva's thighs, stroking me while licking her. Our tongues met and we kissed over Nina’s wet flesh.

“We love thee, our Knight,” Nerissa gasped.

“Och, lass, ‘n’ I love thee,” I moaned back, though love was the furthest thing from my mind at just that moment. My cock was stiff enough to hurt, and I was ready, so ready, to explode.

Nina seemed to read my mind. She nudged us away from her sex—we both gave her a pouty moan—and she kissed me.

“Lie thee down, Finn,” she murmured, and tugged at me to switch places. I did, lying out on the lounge chair while my two girls hovered above me. My cock stood straight up, rigid with demand.

Nina straddled me first, sitting knees astride my chest, but facing Nerissa. She pulled her twin up with her, and without a word, guided tender Neri down, down onto me, guiding my erection into Nerissa’s silky-wet channel.

Oh,” I groaned, flexing my hips to thrust deeper into her. My cock thrilled from tip to base: the tight muscles of her sex welcomed me, and I saw her roll her head back, tossing her seafoam-green hair as she let out a high, voiceless gasp.

Nineva’s hands slid down Nerissa’s sides. She reached around to cup her twin’s buttocks, then gently grasp and tug them. It tilted Nerissa forward and tipped us into a rhythm. I bounced her on my hips, thrusting up and into her body, while Nina helped guide her up and down.

Nina’s own buttocks, and her still-glistening sex, hovered over me. I tilted my head up and my tongue found her wet entrance; she moaned above me. I thrust my tongue into her, and she moaned again, then rolled back.

We found our pace. I lifted my hands to spread Nina’s thighs as she straddled my face, and I licked her deep. I slid my tongue up to tease her taut clitoris, then delved back inside her, willing her to feel it, to tremble with pleasure as I fucked her with it like a tiny cock. Nerissa rolled and thrust down against me, and each new circle of her hips worked me harder inside of her, too. Deep, tingling pressure coiled in the base of my balls; each sinuous motion of my elfling pumped it tighter inside me. Nina leaned forward to suck at Nerissa’s breasts while I sucked at her clit. Neri thrust her hands into her hair and gave out a strangled, giddy cry.

Her hips jerked into a new rhythm and I knew what that meant. My cock swelled inside her, hot and rigid: she’d worked me up like warm champagne. Pausing in my attentions to Nina, I threw my head back and swore loudly, thrusting in a frantic rhythm to take her there.

“Oh, yes!” she cried. Nina kissed her before she could cry out again; a rough shudder wracked her head to toe. She came hard, seizing around me, and I arched. My orgasm burst, tight inside her deep flesh, as I called out her name, nails digging into her hips.

We remained there, all three of us, panting hard. Finally, I lifted a hand to guide Nineva back to me—she hadn’t been slaked as her twin had, and I didn’t intend to leave her wanting—but she seemed to have something else in mind.

Nerissa slid off of me, and Nina took my cock—still wet with Neri’s orgasm and mine—in one hand. She lay herself out over my body, and I felt her sweet pink tongue slide over my still-sensitive crown.

Ah,” I groaned. My princess took me into her mouth, gentle as she licked the mingled flavors of sex from my flesh. With a sigh I lay my hands on her sides, stroking her as she stroked me. I’m an elf and a Knight, and our stamina is legendary…I’d be ready for a second go-round in no time, but for the moment I just wanted to bask in the feeling of Nineva’s tender care.

After a second, I felt Neri’s tongue join her twin’s, and they shared the taste of my cock between them. Two sets of lips, two warm, wet mouths… I rolled my head back and gave a hoarse, choked sound of pleasure.

“Och, lasses…bloody hell…that’s so good…”

Their kisses ceased for a brief second, and I knew they had stopped to kiss each other instead of me. Palms caressing Nineva’s sweet curves, I slowly brought myself back to attention and took hold of her thighs.

“My Lady,” I murmured, inhaling the scent of her. “You’ve got the prettiest, pinkest little pussy…have I told you that?”

Nineva didn’t answer; she and Nerissa focused, silent, on my cock. Tongues laved up and down the length; one of them would take me into her mouth as the other kissed and stroked my bollocks, my inner thighs.

I lifted my head again and returned to what I had been doing before: I traced the outline of her delicate hood, circled the taut little bead at its apex. I broadened my tongue and pressed it flat to her, running a long, strong lick from top to bottom, and finally I thrust my tongue inside of her, searching for the deepest sweetness of her.

Nina moaned, writhing in a sinuous little motion all along my body. Neri gave my cock a slow, wonderful suck. Her fine nails raked—very gently—along the flesh of my bollocks, sending a shiver all through me.

I thrust my tongue again. I slid it from her entrance and circled her clitoris once more, twice, and thrice, before returning to the bittersweet heat of her inner sex.

“Ah, yes, Finn!” she mewed. Like her twin, she rolled her hips with me, undulating to me, giving herself over to me more and more with every motion. I licked her in adoration and blind, loving need. Closing my eyes I focused on her sweet flesh, cultivating it with my tongue, circling and laving her pert clitoris, thrusting deep into her heat. I knew what to do to take her all the way, though. I staved it off only to make her feel it, to hear her whimpers and cries as she wriggled atop me. I wanted to make her lose her mind.

Nerissa closed her lips around me, taking the whole length of my cock into her mouth, threatening once again to undo me. My fingers dug into Nineva’s thighs; I lost my own focus a moment and groaned. Nina groaned with me. I fought to keep my mind on her, only on her, on the hot, mounting ecstasy of her body. But then she lay out across me again, breasts resting over my hips, and took me from Nerissa. She mouthed me, licked me, and took me deep, just as Neri had done. Her rhythm matched mine—she meant to bring me to full before I could reduce her to quivers!

“Oh no you don’t,” I whispered.

I rolled myself out from under her and switched our positions, laying her out on the lounger and covering her. I guided my cock into her and slid deep, taking her in one smooth, lunging stroke.

Ah!” she cried out. Her nails dug into my shoulders. I thrust, panting, rounding to her. I felt her tension, felt her trying to hold off her climax, but I didn’t intend to give her a choice. I fell upon her, moving in long, deep motions, plunging to the hilt in her.

Nineva arched and gave a long, startled moan. She shuddered and then clung to me, wrapping her legs around me, heels digging into the backs of my thighs. I lost myself in her then: my orgasm overtook me before I realized it and I dug down, pinning her, coming deep inside her. Her body tightened around mine; nails dug down my back, and she sighed, breathless and dazed in her pleasure.

We lay there, all three of us, dizzy and drunk not just with rum now, but with sex. For a long, quiet time we curled up together on the lounger. I held one girl in each arm, and I thought I might be content to simply fall asleep with them like that.

After some time though, Nerissa untangled herself from our embrace and stood before us, holding one of our hands in each of hers.

“Come now, my loves,” she murmured. She tugged at us like an excited puppy, nodding towards the hot tub we hadn’t yet enjoyed. “Let us indulge all our senses…shall we?”

Moonlit beach


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