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Free Read ~ Her Dark Rewards

This month's free read takes place in my world of Blood and Fire, a series I hope to re-release next year. It's one of my favorite genres, and one I haven't had the opportunity to write in a long time: lesbian paranormal romance. Enjoy!
Free Read - Her Dark Rewards

Rhiannon Donovan was a tall girl, almost of a height with her mentor, which was saying something. In life, the Viking Sölva had been a towering monster of a woman. Where Sölva was broad and muscular, though, pale as bleached bones, Rhiannon was skinny and slender. The younger vampire had humble breasts, like tender peaches, nearly imperceptible beneath the smooth, snug leather bodice she wore accentuating the lean lines of her frame. Her legs were long and strong, and Sölva was fond of telling her she looked almost boyish, until one noticed her lovely face, her full lips, and the long, thick lashes framing her yellow, leonine eyes. At the moment the left of these was bisected by the ugly thick line of a scar, remnants of a recent fight. The scar would heal in time, as all scars did for any child of the Five Demon nations, but for Rhiannon, the process was slower. It was a reminder of her inherent flaw. She was a bastard demon.

True demons had once been human. They had been chosen for ascension and immortality, given eternal life and eternal strength as a gift. Deemed worthy.

Rhiannon was kin-born, the consequence of an unfortunate twist of fate. Demon only because she had somehow found life in a demon's fallow womb. She'd been birthed as a human was birthed, grew as a human grew, but possessed a very inhuman hunger and power.

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Because she was a bastard, she wore her scars deeper, and longer, than others. Rhiannon had collected her share of fine lines and little welts earned in battle. They would heal, yes, but as long as they remained, Sölva seemed keenly aware of them.

Sometimes, Rhiannon thought her master liked them.

Tonight, when the student reported to Solva’s inner chambers, the Viking's attention went to the scar almost immediately. She reached out her hand and caressed the mark, grinning so her bright, sharp fangs were noticeable.

"Liebste," she murmured, pleased. "I heard you won your duel with the swordsman Gregor."

"Ja," Rhiannon replied.

"He's at least two ranks your senior," Sölva murmured. She dropped her hand, but her icy, Nordic eyes lingered on the scar. "Very good."

"Thank you," Rhiannon responded. Sölva let her fingers drift down the girl's cheek to tilt her chin up. Still, the student kept her golden eyes properly cast down until the Viking deliberately guided her gaze up.

"I like hearing such reports, pet." She pulled Rhiannon closer, pressing a hungry kiss to her lips. "I have reward for a job well done."

That brought a little hint of excitement with it, and a relieved smile spread across Rhiannon's face. Sölva's rewards were generally very pleasurable, when she was in a good mood.

The Viking circled her slowly, admiring her with a hungry leer. She inhaled, a thing vampires only did when scenting prey, and came to a stop wearing a wide grin.

"Liebste, you are excited tonight. I smell it on you like a flame. I have brought you a gift for doing so well to please me."

She sauntered closer, putting her hands on Rhiannon's shoulders and leaning in close to plant another kiss, soft but with fierce intent, against the side of Rhiannon's neck.

"I like it when you win," she murmured, sidling her contours against her student's slim frame. "There are only two things I like more: when you kill...and when you come."

Rhiannon made a soft sound of eager pleasure. She lifted her hands to her bodice and began to strip it away. Sölva stopped her.

"No, no, liebste. Not yet."

The Viking threw a short glance at the door. "Come in, Caela, my sweet."

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The girl who entered was Rhiannon's age, and dressed in a gorgeous velvet gown the color of soft heather. Her shining blonde hair wound in a tight, braided bun. She slid the door shut behind her and stood hands clasped behind her back, head bowed. Petite, pleasantly curvy, lightly-freckled skin taking on a warm glow in the firelight. Her eyes were round pools of deep emerald green.

Rhiannon stared appreciatively at the other girl then back at Sölva.

"Do you like her?" Sölva murmured.

Rhiannon gave a little nod.

"Do you want her?"

"Yes," Rhiannon said softly. "Will we share her?” Sölva had shared her with other lovers before, like the sweet, dark-haired coven daughter who had visited them last year.

"No," Sölva said. "Not this time."

She beckoned the human closer.

"I want you to have her."

Rhiannon raised an eyebrow. "You...are giving her to me?"

"Yes," Sölva murmured. "Yours to do with whatever you desire. Yours to enjoy.”

Cool lips brushed against her ear.

"I want to watch you with her.


"Taste her, fuck her, drink her stupid, whatever you wish, liebste. She is your prize."

"But, is it all right?" Rhiannon asked. Kin-born, even one who may have shown promise like Rhiannon, were only slaves and property themselves. Indulging in a true demon's rightful possessions, especially mortal humans, was theft of the highest order.

"Go ahead," Sölva said with a wink. "I won't tell."

Rhiannon took a hesitant step toward the new human slave. Raising one tentative hand to touch the other girl's sweet face, her eyes roamed up and down young, feminine curves.

"Beautiful," she murmured.

Sölva turned away, crossing the chamber to her small shelf of delights and taking down a stoppered decanter of blood. Another demon’s blood became a pleasurable intoxicant to any child of the Five Demon Nations. This blood, in fact, belonged to Rhiannon; Sölva's personal poison of choice. Rhiannon belonged to her, and the narcotic pleasure of the her inhuman blood was a favorite perk of that arrangement.

As Sölva poured herself a goblet, Rhiannon circled the human maiden, trailing a hand across the girl's smooth collarbone to her slender white shoulder then up to the nape of her neck.

"You might start by undressing her," Sölva muttered, taking a seat in a large, hard chair and enjoying a slow sip of the blood.

Rhiannon didn’t reply. Her eyes were intent on the bare flesh of the human's neck, just above the jugular vein. The girl grew tense with the predator so close.

Rhiannon bent her head, touching her full lips to the servant's neck, sliding closer to the woman's body.

"What did you say her name was?" she whispered to Sölva as she planted kisses against the human's throat.

"Does it matter?" Sölva asked, kicking her ankles over one arm of the chair.

"I'd like to know what to call her while I'm fucking her."

"Caela," the young woman said.

"Mmm," Rhiannon murmured. She kissed Caela's throat again, lingering longer this time to feel the slave's pulse. Caela gave a soft, sweet whimper and relaxed into Rhiannon's embrace, trembling only a little.

"You are perfectly safe with me, fräulein," Rhiannon whispered. Her hands slid around to the wide ribbons at the front of the woman's bodice, plucking them loose. "No need to be afraid."

"Weren't you afraid of me, your first time?" Sölva asked.

Rhiannon glanced up. Sölva's eyes were dark, suffused with the inebriation of her student's blood as she lounged on her throne.

"Bite her," she said, her voice thick with arousal. "By the Blood Circle...you must not be paying attention when I fuck you."

Rhiannon nuzzled the girl's neck again, and Caela nuzzled back. Then, angling the human's head to one side, Rhiannon bore her four sharp fangs and sank them into Caela’s elegant throat.

Caela gave a gasp, but she didn't cry out. She relaxed farther into Rhiannon's arms, and Rhiannon tightened her grip on the girl's sweet, voluptuous body, drinking hungrily from beautiful flesh.

The taste of Caela's blood was rich and ambrosial. Rhiannon moaned, hugging her close and pressing hips against her round, soft bottom. The human arched her back as the potent vampire saliva slipped into her bloodstream, seducing her more deeply to the demon's allure.

Rhiannon released the bite and kissed the site of the wound. Her saliva would help it heal. It helped keep prey alive when the demon desired it, and sweetened her partner's pleasure. Caela's hands guided Rhiannon's along her body, squeezing as Rhiannon untied the cords of the bodice and slipped the garment down to the girl's hips.

Caela's bared breasts were full, round, and flushed. Rhiannon caressed them, circling thumbs around pert nipples before pinching each with gentle firmness. As hands moved down and around Caela’s waist to release the long velvet skirt, she inclined her head to the girl's neck again, pink tongue licking the blood away.

From her chair, Sölva made a quiet sound of approval.

With a little twitch, Caela's skirt fell, leaving her naked in Rhiannon's arms. She was delicious. Rhiannon looked her up and down, approving those ivory white limbs speckled in places with pale brown freckles. She stroked the soft thatch of dark blonde hair covering Caela's pussy.

"I knew you would like her," Sölva said.

Rhiannon closed her eyes and inhaled, savoring the scent of the human's skin and the sharp musk of sweat and arousal.

"What are you waiting for?" Sölva said. "Take her."

Rhiannon didn't need any more prodding than that. She wrapped her arms around the other girl and carried her to the bed, the same bed where Sölva once claimed Rhiannon's own virtue in so similar a ravishment.

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Rhiannon laid Caela down, stretching alongside her. The human girl uttered a soft sigh, raising up her hand to tug Rhiannon's bodice off, baring the slim vampire down to her smooth, flat belly. Rhiannon struggled free of her leggings, and soon they were naked, their limbs twining together as the vampire kissed, nibbled, and licked the human who gasped and moaned in delight.

Rhiannon searched Caela, intent on exploring her sensuous swells and valleys. She felt dizzy with need, and held herself back only because she couldn't bear to rush this beautiful moment. The girl smelled so good. The fresh, pleasant scent of clean linen and soap clung to her skin. Subtly pervasive beneath those scents, lay the pungent heat of mounting arousal. The vampire laved and kissed along the curves of pink breasts, soft sounds of pleasure escaping her as she tasted the warm salt of soft flesh. Caela's slender fingers tugged awkwardly at the bound-up knot of Rhiannon's braid, unraveling her auburn hair to fall in a curtain over her shoulder.

Sölva muttered a wordless approval as she watched them, mesmerized. Rhiannon sensed her mentor's icy black eyes, burning with vicious obsession. When she dared to lift her gaze, she saw Sölva's gluttonous fascination as she watched her and the human, like a bobcat bearing down on a pair of rabbits. The younger vampire buried her face against Caela's lush breasts, and a sweet, lusty warmth spread through her loins, interlaced with the nipping sense of mischief and naughty shame.

She gave up a low groan, curling herself around Caela's buxom, warm body. One hand slid down smooth skin to the dewy thatch of hair gracing Caela’s mons. The girl moaned beneath her. One delicate hand joined hers, guiding fingertips in a slow, circular motion, gently pressing down into the sumptuous wetness.

Rhiannon's eyes returned to Sölva. There was a forceful, wicked approval on her mentor's face, shining with enjoyment in what she witnessed. It was the same expression she wore when Rhiannon performed well for her, in training, in combat, or in bed, only with more fixated immersion, more drunken delight. Sölva said nothing, but nodded her head once, encouraging.

Caela's pretty pink sex was so beautifully wet with arousal. As Rhiannon stroked her, she rolled her hips in reply, eagerly pressing herself into Rhiannon's palm. Her blood ran hot, laced with the sharp bite of desire as Rhiannon kissed and nursed at her neck.

"Your blood tastes so good," she murmured in Caela's ear. "I can't wait to find out how that dripping wet pussy tastes."

Caela nodded. "Yes," she whispered. "Please."

Rhiannon slid herself down the human's body, lifting Caela's left leg over her own shoulder. She bent down and inhaled the warm heat of her arousal. It smelled delicious. She nuzzled her face in the wet curls, kissing the little bud of Caela's clitoris. Caela stiffened and groaned.

"Mmm, yes," the vampire murmured softly. She took the tiny, stiff nub into her mouth, rolling her tongue over it again and again until Caela shivered and strained against her, whimpering for more. One of the girl's hands tangled in Rhiannon's hair, the other curled into a desperate fist between her own breasts. The taste of her cum was the perfect balance of bitter and sweet, slick and rich on her skin as Rhiannon tasted it and moaned with delight. She buried herself deeper in the girl's wet folds, tasting the little well of Caela's juices, lapping them up in swift, loving strokes.

She slid her tongue into Caela's entrance, slow, curling it inside as Caela quivered, moaning softly underneath her. Rhiannon's fangs came to sharp attention, grazing the lovely valley of Caela's flush pink lips.

"Oh," the girl whispered. "No, please. Please don't bite."

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It hadn't even occurred to Rhiannon. As soon as the girl said it though, the vampire couldn't think of anything else. She could hear and feel Caela's hard, thumping heartbeat, and she drew back and gazed at the glistening red valley. She spread them with two gentle fingertips, opening the girl to her view, and bent to run her tongue in a wide, flat stroke over Caela's inner labia.

"Oh!" Caela gasped. Her body tensed, thighs tightening. Rhiannon quickened her strokes and slid one hand between her own legs, finding her sex and working her fingers in the wetness of it, stroking herself to a delicious height.

"Oh...yes," Caela murmured softly. Her hips rolled to meet Rhiannon's mouth, a natural movement following instinct but still so timid and unsure.

"Yes," Rhiannon murmured back at her, strumming fingertips over Caela's stiff, red clitoris. She remembered those first dawning sensations, the stirrings of new and novel pleasure in wicked temptation. She'd almost forgotten Sölva was watching them, silent in her voyeurism. At the sight of Caela's blushing cheeks, Rhiannon recalled her first time, brought to passionate climax by Sölva's hands. She’d been eager and hungry, reveling in the carnal pleasure even as she feared its dizzying enormity. She wanted to make this little human feel that too. She wanted to drive the girl out of her mind with sybaritic bliss.

She lowered her mouth to Caela's hot cleft one more time, rolling the girl's clitoris under her tongue, listening to the human's panting breaths. Then, she sank her fangs into the soft, sweet flesh, piercing the tender swell of Caela's outer lips and tasting the mingled sweetness of cum and hot, heavenly blood.

Caela shrieked, a surprised little cry of delight. She went rigid for an instant but then melted against Rhiannon's mouth. Now the sounds of pleasure she made were louder, peals and murmurs of joy.

Rhiannon drank until her own saliva closed the wound again, then she shifted, sliding herself up against Caela's body and lifting the girl's leg higher to slip her own excited cleft against the delicious heat of the quivering human's. Their soft, slick pussies pressed together with satisfying pleasure, their wetness mingling, stiff buds thrilling to stroke against one another. The press of Caela's flesh against her own was more beautiful, Rhiannon thought, than any woman's tongue laving her to pieces. She rocked herself against the girl, moving her hips in a little circle as Caela cried out in joy. The pleasure running through her body was electric, a current zinging up and down her limbs. They lunged joyfully against one another, first gently, then harder and faster, chasing the rising frenzy of climax.

"Oh!" Caela gasped, head thrown back in pleasure. "Oh, more! Please do it more!"

Rhiannon couldn't find her voice to answer but obliged. She gripped Caela's long leg with one arm and planted her other hand on the girl's buxom hip. She hurried her pace, each quick stroke of cleft against cleft sending a shocking, intensifying joy through her own loins and the rest of her body. She felt her orgasm looming and fought to stave it off a little longer.

"Human," she panted. "Come for me...please...come..."

Caela cried out, a shudder rocking her body, and her sex give a hard throb of climax. The girl's thighs tightened around her and Rhiannon gasped, bearing down harder, grinding against Caela's dripping folds. She thrust faster, shivering with each quick jolt, until the sensation pulled her down, and she gave into it. Her body shuddered as she reached her peak, joy crashing through her, overwhelming her. She pressed herself down hard against Caela, tense in her culmination.

Rhiannon hung there, clinging to Caela's outstretched leg, heaving. She stared into Caela's big green eyes, dark with her own pleasure, and the vampire grinned like a fool.

"Mmm," Sölva murmured from her corner. Rhiannon looked up to see her extend her long, strong legs and stand, sauntering to the end of the bed.

"Very good, my girl."

She nudged Rhiannon aside and lowered her head to the human's body. Rhiannon watched her mentor lick up the slick juices on Caela's thighs and her trembling sex, ignoring the little cries and gasps the girl made when Sölva got a bit too frisky.

"I'll take care of you too, my little pet," she murmured, wet black eyes glistening. "Just as soon as I've had my fill of her."

Rhiannon nodded, still dazed. She lay back against the bed's luxurious pile of pillows trying to regain herself, the sweet mellow bliss of orgasm still tingling all through her.

She hoped she could please Sölva like this more often. She could get used to the rewards.


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