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New Projects for Fans to Look Forward To in 2023

A new year is here and that means new goals, new plans, and exciting things to come. Here are my goals, and developments readers can look forward to, in 2023:

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The Return of the Free Story Blog:

When I first started out, before my very first novel was published with Breathless Press, I kept a story blog called 365 Sexy Days. My goal was to post a short piece of erotic and romantic fiction every day. It's been many years since I closed down Sexy Days, but this year I plan to return to posting free short fiction on my website for readers to enjoy.

These stories will go up at least once per month, and will explore plenty of romantic sub-genres including contemporary erotic romance, paranormal romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and others, as the fancy strikes me. Each new story will be posted on the front page of my site and a link will be sent out to newsletter subscribers, so keep an eye out!

Brides of Carpathia

Work continues apace on The Brides of Carpathia, the urban fantasy vampire series I began with co-author Torie James in 2021. Books One through Three are already available, and this year we'll be bringing you the penultimate book in June, told from the point of view of our clever kickboxer, Tina Jackson. Then, toward the end of the year, we'll release the final volume, featuring the Countess of Karnstein herself, Carmilla.

Though we'd only planned to release five books, Torie and I have discussed the possibility of other additions to the series. More novels, a new adventure, perhaps a few novellas exploring the backgrounds of some of our characters whom we haven't been able to explore yet. Book Five might not be the end at all... we'll just have to see.

Book Cover art for Dark Roads Saga Book Six, Prodigals

Dark Roads

How long as it been? Way, way too long since I walked in the Land of the Reaper with my troublemaking, trash-talking runeweaver, Serenity Walker. I know lots of readers have been waiting for news on Book Six, Prodigal Sons, and I feel genuinely sorry for making fans wait so long.

The truth is, death has gotten in the way. I've known for years—since before the first book every hit shelves—that this story, now renamed to simply Prodigals, would be the end of the road for one of the cast; a character who is especially dear to me. While I have been doing a lot of work cleaning up the original manuscript, tightening details and leashing out others, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't putting off the moment of the final curtain call.

Its time to face the music, though: readers can expect The Dark Roads Saga, Book Six sometime later this year.



As noted, I'll be working hard to bring my readers more free shorts all through the year, accessible on my site for anyone who wants to read. Additionally, though, I'm going to try out a new Patreon channel, where my readers can help support my art and writing in a new way, and enjoy exclusive perks and unique content in return.

Patreon rewards will include new, subscriber-only reads, as well as my erotic pinup art, an ongoing serial project (more about that below), and other special goodies like early access to new releases and acknowledgement in future books.

The beginning tier for interested patrons will start at just $1 per month, and will include a minimum of one Patreon-exclusive romantic read, at a higher heat level than the free story blog. These will be fully-formatted e-books ready for download to your favorite e-readers, at roughly the same cost of one of my published short stories on sales platforms. I'm hoping to also include a regular, print-ready pinup at this level. And the rewards will go up from there.

A Brand-New Serial: It's Whimsy!

This year I'm excited to try out something new: a monthly serial about a clumsy but well-meaning witch plopped into the middle of normal, non-magical, mundane suburbia, where she must find a way to keep her unpredictable powers under wrap while trying to fit in with her ordinary vanilla neighbors—who of course are a lot of nosy busybodies eager for gossip and drama!

Patreon subscribers will get early access to Whimsy's adventures month-by-month, in full, steamy glory. Others can still enjoy cleaner teasers and tidbits on the free story blog, and will see the full, completed collection of Whimsy's "Season One" in 2024.

So those are my big plans for 2023. Already I'm feeling those nervous butterflies in my stomach—I'm taking on a lot... but these projects excite me! It's going to be a big year. I hope you'll join me, and find something special in the tales I'll tell!

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