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New Release! Blood Magic, Brides of Carpathia Book Three!

Some women live and die by the laws of the mundane. Some women weave madness into magic.

Blood Magic, Brides of Carpathia Book 3
Available Dec 6, 2022

Brigid MacLeod is no stranger to the vagrant mysteries of love… or loss. In life, the heir to a bloodline of powerful witches; in death, an imperfect vampire haunted by one poor choice--a choice with heartbreaking consequences. Following in footsteps of her foremothers, she seeks answers in mystical arts, and resolution for the jealous hex a century ago which put loyalties to the test, turned sister against sister, and forever imprisoned Brigid's beloved mentor in the form of a lowly beast.

Despite the misery of his lifelong curse , Dagda Mor's devotion to Brigid has never wavered. Neither has his love. And yet, he fears the cruelty of their shared damnation looms larger than the hopes of the happily ever after Brigid continues to chase. How much longer can he stave off succumbing to his more animalistic side?

Or hers?

When an old enemy appears in the midst of momentary peace, Brigid's fragile humanity must stand strong against deepest darkness, lest she--and Dagda--fall prey to the beast within.


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