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  • Brantwijn

13 Fantastic Facts about Goblin Fires

Have you read Goblin Fires? This story of a lovelorn fae knight pining for her princess takes place across both the worlds of humans and fairies, dipping into real myth and folklore across several different cultures, set against the backdrop of modern America. Whether you've already read it, or are thinking of picking it up, here are 13 fun "insider" facts I think you'll really enjoy.

  1. The main character, Reagan, is Welsh. This is because she is part of the Tylwyth Teg, from Welsh mythology.

  1. Reagan's character was significantly inspired by Claudia Black's character, Aeryn Sun, from Farscape.

  2. The characters of Finn and Erin are based on my two closest friends. Erin's unique hair color is a direct reference to my best friend's preferred style.

  3. Reagan has a unique reaction to sugar. Most fae can become slightly intoxicated by anything sweet, but Reagan is abnormally susceptible to it, even for a fae.

  4. Reagan's name means "regal". Ceridwen's means "beautiful as a poem".

  5. All the faerie Queens and Ladies are actual fae queens and princesses from legend. Oberon and Titania are from A Midsummer Night's Dream; Gloriana comes from The Faerie Queene, by Edmund Spenser. Lord Herne is a famous Celtic/English figure.

  6. Though a great deal of inspiration for this book came from my love of The Dresden Files, I deliberately avoided the use of Queen Mab, and instead used Oberon, Titania's estranged husband, to represent the Court of Winter.

  7. Though I aligned him with the Court of Goblins, which stems predominantly from Welsh fae legends, Puca is actually an Irish figure. He is similar to Puck, but they are two separate entities (Puck will show up later in Talaith's story).

  8. The series is planned to be five books so far: one for each Court, and one told from the point of view of the Morrigan, fae goddess of war.

  1. Knights do not only guard the royal families. Some Knights are employed to guard various fae interests in the mortal world, or high-ranking Noble Sidhe close to the royal families, but not of them.

  2. The Morrigan is slightly based on the D&D figure of The Raven Queen.

  3. Reagan's first lover was Nicneven, the Witch Queen.

  4. The Washer-Woman, who appears in Chapter Six of Goblin Fires, is a type of banshee. Legend says a mortal who can sneak up on her and suck her breast can claim to be her foster child and claim one wish. I elected to leave this detail out of the book.

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