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Patreon is Live!

This week, I've officially launched my new, reader-focused Patreon, with $1, $3, and $5 tiers. I've also added special new subscriber gifts for all new patrons to download right away!

Supernatural gateway with a beautiful woman and a minotaur

I decided to open this Patreon as a means of sharing more of my strange and supernatural roads with readers directly, in a method more frequent than just the two or three times a year I release a new novel. Here, I can share content that fills in the backgrounds behind the characters or short stories which stand alone but feature tales and trysts I don't get to share anywhere else. I get to share the artwork that surrounds my stories, too, and other fun projects I get up to in between long work sessions.

The funds I raise will also help me keep producing my longer novels and series, going towards the costs of editing, format, cover design, and promo. Patrons at all levels will receive thanks and acknowledgments in all my new releases, as your support will really make a difference in my own journey to become a better storyteller and reach more wonderful, eager readers.

Patrons at the $1 level will have access to a new, exclusive short story every month, as well as a hand-drawn, printable coloring sheet to go with the tale. These stories, offered in downloadable e-book format for your favorite e-reader, will be self-contained, high-heat adventures in supernatural, fantasy, and paranormal romance, and will run the same length or longer than my published $.99 e-books on Amazon.

Patrons at the $3 tier will receive the exclusive e-books and coloring sheets, as well as a monthly installment of my new serial supernatural rom-com, It's Whimsy!, launching on February 21st. Follow Whimsy Widdershins Woadstone as she finds herself transplanted from her familiar magical world full of witches wizards, shadowy creatures and loyal familiars, to the heart of mundane mortal suburbia, amid a gaggle of nosy neighbors and scandalous secrets. Each monthly Whimsy adventure will be a 2-4 chapter self-contained story that can be read on its own, leading up to a longer, overarching mystery tale full of witchy wonder and, of course, steamy romance. $3 Patrons will also also have access to my printable pinup artwork and spicier, NSFW coloring sheets as they become available.

Cover art for It's Whimsy

Finally, Patrons at the $5 tier receive all the benefits of the previous tiers, plus behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at my ongoing projects, Advance Reader Copies of new releases, and special goodies such as fully NSFW artwork, printable bookmarks, and exclusive deleted scenes or added content for my series,

If you decide to become a patron at any level, I thank you with all my little heart. Even if you aren't able to or aren't interested in joining, I hope you'll check back here for the new and improved Free Story Blog, where I'll keep posting short free reads for everyone to enjoy.

Whatever you choose, read, write, and be merry!


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