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From the Writing Desk of Brantwijn J. Serrah

I'll start off by saying, my middle name doesn't actually start with J. In fact, I don't even have a middle name! I just heard somewhere that middle initials make names sounds more authoritative and inspire confidence from others.

And that should give you a fairly good idea about the kind of person I am right there. Playful, ridiculous, and a fan of Scrubs. Really, I love to make people laugh. Stand-up comedy, however, is not my forte, so I'm just an amateur punster and geeky snarkedictorian. I like fun. Let's have some fun while we're together.

Another thing I love is -- surprise, surprise -- the written word. Stories, particularly. Fantastic, witty, immersive, adventurous, dark, irreverent, thoughtful, thought-provoking stories. I love reading them and I love writing them. At the end of the day, I don't believe I could truly be happy in life, if it wasn't in telling stories.

If you're new to my little world, it pays to know I enjoy writing a bit of everything. If it's not already on my shelf, one day it probably will be. By simple chance, my first titles to be accepted into publication have been romantic and erotic works. I do very much enjoy writing in the turbulent emotive waters of love, passion, and romance, and I have a real lady-boner for writing about sexuality, sexual experimentation, and sexual liberation in the realms of erotica. The two genres aren't mutually exclusive, of course: authors combine the two all the time. This is a heads-up, though, that I don't always mix romance peanut butter into my erotic chocolate. I write love stories, sure... and I write explicit, illicit, transgressive erotica. Sometimes the two intertwine. Sometimes they don't. If you venture into my erotic stories, be prepared for the likelihood of intense sexual situations, with little to no romantic build-up. Not entirely clear what I mean? Sometimes I'm sharing a story about love. Sometimes it'll story about love, with sex spicing it up. And sometimes it'll be a story about sex. They aren't all three the same thing.

But I write outside the house of romantic reading as well. In 2016 I published The Pact, a supernatural weird west adventure, first in a series of eight novels. This book started out as my first-ever attempt at National Novel Writing Month, and each successive book has been another NaNoWriMo project, expanded and polished into full-length tales. In the future I'll write sci-fantasy adventures and steampunk, and even dystopian post-apocolyptica. Did I mention I love telling stories?

So I hope you love reading them. And I hope you'll enjoy your tour through my worlds. Along the way we can visit some of my favorite colleagues and talk about some other wonderful reads as well. Just be ready for geekdom and snark, puns and pontificating, and long walks through fantastic fantasy lands. I'm so glad to have you. Let's share some wonderful stories.

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