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Station Updates!

Professor Farnsworth's "Good News"

We're gearing up for some busy times here at Strange Ways Station. We have lots of projects in the works, a new release on the way, some contests and a new sister site to share artwork and character commissions!

First, the big news: the sequel to The Pact is set to release in January of 2018. We've just completed our second round of edits and we'll probably have one more round before the book is totally ready, but I'm very excited to be able to share Serenity Walker's next adventure with you all. The book will have all-new characters and take you into the dark country of Nostra, where rune-weavers are only the beginning of the supernatural menagerie. We'll learn more about where the magic of the runes comes from, and the true desires of the darklings possessing Serenity and her companions.

We also have a fantastic cover I can't wait to show off! Keep an eye out, because we'll be offering a few new contests, review opportunities, and discounted prices on the series as the release date for Book 2 draws near!

Speaking of contests and review opportunities, I've recently begun hosting Review Drives. Interested readers can sign up to receive a free review copy of one of my books, and receive raffle entries for posting their honest reviews on approved sales sites. If you're interested in joining our VIP Reader Review Group you can sign up to receive notice of future review opportunities here.

Finally, we've opened up a new site to offer book cover art, promo art, and character illustrations. I do take commissions for original characters if you'd like to have a sketch of something you've dreamed up! If you like my artwork and want to see what I'm working on next, or if you're thinking of a particular scene, character, or composition of your very own, you can check me out at Strange Ways Designs. I'll also occasionally livestream my work on my Picarto channel, also called Strange Ways Designs.

Besides editing the new release and working on commissioned artwork, I'm also writing the next book in the Blood and Fire series, an adventure set deep in Siberia during the Russian Revolution. Rhiannon will find herself forced to work with a kin-born witch from a faction of demon revolutionaries, in order to survive a trek across the largest and most inhospitable terrain she's ever encountered, in Winter Hearts. As always, I'm eager to take you all back to Rhiannon's stories, and the dark plots and darker romances of her demon world.

And that's all the news that's fit to print from here at Strange Ways Station! I'm looking forward to all the new content coming soon, and to taking you down more winding, twisting paths into the wilderness of wonderful tales! For now, read, write, and be merry!

~~ Brantwijn

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