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Character Spotlight: Rhiannon Donovan

For most demons, being born into their nation is a terrible disgrace. True demons are chosen and brought to ascension, not grown in a womb like a parasite. Rhiannon Donovan is perhaps the most famous disgrace of the vampire world: the kin-born daughter of the nation's queen. Most of her kind see Rhiannon as virus and usurper, but the Viking warrior Sölva saw her as an opportunity. Volunteering to take charge of the infant 'parasite', Sölva ingratiated herself to the vampire queen, and made Rhiannon her ward and apprentice. Driven by Sölva and determined to prove herself worthy of her demon blood, Rhiannon grew up within the guild of the Orchályva, the demonic masters of weaponry and martial combat. From the very beginning, her life revolved around competitive achievement and perfection of her skills. Her greatest desire—unthinkable for any other kin-born demon—was to prove herself worthy of honor in her mother's court, and defy all precedent by becoming an Archon: the highest ranking, most trusted servant of her nation's leader. Despite a militant upbringing, deep down Rhiannon still has a romantic heart. Schooled by Sölva in the ways of war both on the battlefield and in the bedroom, she is well-versed in lust; she is unexpectedly hungry, however, for deeper significant connection. She delights in the game of seducing her lovers, focused on pleasing them, from the most domineering and demanding—Sölva herself—to the shyest, tenderest virgin. Rhiannon's art is that of the sword and the body, a pursuit of the flesh in deadly combat, or in deepest desire.

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