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Strange Ways Station Opens its Doors

You find yourself in an old west saloon, greeted by the sound of jaunty piano and the chatter of dozens of patrons. Sawdust and peanut shells crunch under your boots and the scent of good cooking draws you further in. The bartender waves a hand in greeting. Welcome to the author website of Brantwijn Serrah, storyteller and writer-at-large!

Why an old west saloon? Why call it Strange Ways Station? Why not sit down, help yourself to a drink, and I'll tell you.

I've often said in author interviews that somewhere inside my mind, in between the stories that range from fantasy, supernatural, science fiction, horror, romance, and erotica, there's a shared space where all my characters go between sets. They sit down together to chat with me, bounce ideas around, banter and jab at one another, and generally complicate my job of writing. One day, this space just sort of took shape as an old saloon stage set from my long-ago days in high school theater, and my characters started helping themselves to drinks and games of poker and the occasional barroom brawl. In other words, this is where the ideas happen. Strange ideas, riding in and out of this waystation on the various stagecoaches to my worlds.

And there you have it. It's a strange waystation. My Strange Ways Station.

So go ahead and take a look around. Order a drink and chat up the locals. Look into the various rooms and find a story or two that you like. We've got adventure down the hall and to your left, sweet romance out on the patio, and even some salacious erotica in some of the back rooms. Most importantly, however, enjoy yourself during your visit. We're all of us very glad to have you.


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