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Born Ram Tough

April 7th was my birthday, and that makes me an Aries.

Yes, I recognize that a few years back they announced a shift in celestial bodies had resulted in corresponding zodiac signs being shifted, which, by calendar date, would make me a Pisces, but the fact is, I’m just not. I’m a natural-born Aries, down to the bone.

"Aries" by Sakimichan

Stubborn? Check. Fiery? Hell yeah. Straightforward, blunt, and sometimes tactless? Well, that one I’ve had to learn to keep in check. Hey, even Aries have to behave!

I don’t follow horoscopes, mind you. I make my own. I’d argue that makes me even more an Aries girl. Fire is definitely my element and the color red makes my heart race. Wrap me in a crimson dress and grab me a pair of spiraling ram’s horns, because I love my star sign, and everything it invokes.

Mythologically, the constellation of Aries is associated with the god Amon-Ra, the ram-headed, god of fertility and creativity. Though Aries the ram is not the same as the Greek Ares, God of War, those born under the sign do share some of the God’s chaotic, bloodthirsty characteristics—a theme which comes up quite a lot in my books, most often in the characters I feel most personally connected to.

"Aries" by Neith

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, I married another Aries. That's working out about as well as you’d expect. We’re both fiery and we sure do butt heads, but at our core we share deep passion and drive, and we’re loyal to the bone. Sometimes we fire sparks off at each other, but more often we make an explosively powerful team.

So pour me a Bloody Mary Margarita and let’s get ready to grab life by the horns. Especially after the year we’ve just had, this Aries girl is looking forward to some blazing adventure and wild, spicy heat!


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