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The enemy has raised the stakes, and now Elaina could lose her mates, her magic... even her life.

On the night of the summer solstice, the shapeshifters of the Stolby tribe suffered a tragedy no one could have expected. Athanos, an ancient enemy, has returned, leading a pack of twisted followers to war and spreading a malevolent insanity to their victims. They've already claimed one of Elaina's mates; if she can't find a way to heal the madness, she'll lose Gavri—and countless others—forever.

But no one has ever recovered from the curse of the skinwalker. While Elaina prepares to defy impossible odds once again, Athanos issues a simple demand: she can give up the blessing of shapeshifter's magic and leave Siberia, and her mates, forever, or his skinwalkers will rampage on until every last member of her tribe is dead.

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