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High Heat Reverse Harem Romance?

Elaina discovers a new world of myth and magic when two beautiful shifters save her from freezing in the Siberian snow. But in a time of fear and danger, her heroes face exile from their own alpha and pack. In order to save them, Elaina must become the first human in thousands of years to learn their ancient magic.

All she has to do... is the impossible.

If you enjoy Merry Gentry, Immortals After Dark, or the Southern Vampire Mysteries, you'll love this new high-heat, reverse harem romance.

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Dark and Dangerous Paranormal Romance?

Travel into the sensuous and deadly underworld, and discover the five demon nations of the Drogh Lord. Alongside Rhiannon Donovan, the world's most infamous vampire daughter, walk the front lines of a war from Edo Japan to Napoleonic London, through revolutionary Russia and beyond, and fall in love with the women rare enough to win a vampire's vicious heart.

Inspired by some of the most beloved works of supernatural fiction including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood, and Bram Stoker's Dracula, the Books of Blood and Fire are an award-winning erotic journey...with teeth.


Epic Supernatural and Weird West Adventure?

Follow the trail of Serenity Walker, bounty hunter and weaver of runes, across the wildernesses of Geiral. Stand in the shadow of the demon country, Rachalör, and fight the spread of eternal darkness across the world of men.

A little bit Firefly, a little bit Shannara, and a five-star read for teens and adults who love big damn heroes and journeys larger than life.

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Fantasy, Magic, and Sweet Seduction?

Enter the fae lands of Thairy and the realms of the Four Courts. Through fairy rings and mystic doorways, journey from our world and back again.

When the royal families of the fae need guardians and champions, they turn to the children of the Morrigan, fae Goddess of War. Her halfling sons and daughters become the lifelong companions of the noblest Sidhe. Love between a halfling Knight and the courtly Sidhe, however, is forbidden...

Returning to Bookshelves 2019!

Take a walk in the graveyard after midnight and follow the icy footprints of a lonely apparition, under the wings of tombstone angel.

Inspired by the music of Repo!, Sweeney Todd, and Weber's famous Phantom, this is the tale of Conall Mackay and his doomed lady of shadows. She's not your typical graveyard ghost, and this is no ordinary ghost story. Finalist in the P&E Reader's Poll for Best Thriller, it's one bedtime story that will keep you up at night.

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Five-Star Reviews

On The Pact

"If you love the supernatural, fantasy, and old west, then you will love The Pact! I'm really looking forward to the second book!"

~ Maniah, 

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