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Book series, Blood and Fire, supernatural, vampire, geisha, african american woman, japanese woman, cat's eyes, romance, paranormal

Satin and Steel:

The Books of Blood and Fire II

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They say love ruined her. It's time to prove them wrong.

Half a century ago, Rhiannon lost the woman she loved. Since then, unlife has held little meaning, and she's fallen from grace among the vampire nation. She once swore to throw herself into the sun the day Aijyn died, but it turns out she's no good at keeping promises.


Sometimes the best cure for heartache is surrender. There's a demon in London with new promises: darkness to run in, pleasures to hunt, rules to break. Sent to track down a dangerous traitor, Rhiannon is caught up in a game of murder and treachery between three warring races...and the sinful, seductive shadow-walker who could be her redemption, or her ultimate undoing.

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