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What's Their Vice? Will Our Characters Be Naughty Or Nice?

Have you ever thought about what kind of New Year resolutions your favorite characters would make? Luckily you won’t have to wonder too much, because the authors of the Hate to Want You boxset have done that for you! Here's what they've all resolved to make happen this year, whether it kills them. And let's face it, in some cases, it might do just that!

So take it away, authors! Let us know what your crazy characters are swearing this year!

Veronica Eden - Lincoln wants to cross a line and take what’s always been off limits to him and Briar wants to let go of the things that hold her back.

Elle Thorpe - Eve wants to keep her strip club open and get Boston off her back. Boston wants to shut it down, and get Eve on her back.

MV Ellis - Tyce and Thunder want to fight their undeniable attraction, and they give it their best shot: with their words, and with their fists.

Brantwijn Serrah and Torie James - In Blood Born, a dark tale of murder and monsters and shall we say, “missed connections”, our hero, Detective Sebastian Stone, has made a resolution swearing off unavailable women. Meanwhile, leading lady Kate—who had a really, REALLY bad 2020—is resolving not to die so much this year.

BL Mute - My resolution every year is to bed more women than the one before. - Emilio Ciccone
I just want to get a side job, work my ass off, and pay off all of my debt. If I can avoid Emilio, that’s a plus. - Sid Bailey

KB Cinder - Maribel would want to finish her latest project, and Wolf would want to make it through the year without seeing the inside of a jail cell.

Erin M Trejo - They would like to stay out of prison and alive.

Maya Riley - Kasa wants to take down the bad guys and prove herself. Sai wants to get away from his life of crime, even if being free meant losing everything, including himself.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Hate to Want You and discover if these characters succeed. Either way, their journeys will be well worth it!