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  • Tiffany Michelle Brown

Guest Post: Let's get kINKED ~ Tattoo Erotica by Pen and Kink Press

If you look up “tattoo erotica anthology” on Google, Amazon, or Goodreads, the results are, strangely, a little disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of full-length novels and single stories for sale that marry ink and kink. There are lists on Goodreads dedicated to “Best MF Romance Novels about Tattoo Artists” and “Tattooed & Pierced Main Characters in Romance.”

That’s all well and good, but here’s the thing. When it comes to reading about tattoos, I have commitment issues. I want to read around. I don’t want a single narrative or a single cast of characters. I want as much variety in the stories as there are colors in the most eccentric and flamboyant of tattoos.

I want tasty, bite-sized, voyeuristic explorations of that delicate balance between pleasure and pain, art and story, dominance and submission, sweet kisses and prickling needles, and the way someone feels before and after they’ve been marked for life. I want to relive my own experience of being tattooed, which was thrilling and visceral and raw and highly personal and sexy (though it hurt like a bitch).

When it comes to the intersection of ink and kink, there is so much to explore. So I’m really surprised there aren’t a slew of sexy tattoo anthologies out there, collections that offer readers various perspectives, heat levels, pairings, and possibilities.

You guys, my research yielded only one erotic tattoo anthology—one!

And to that, I say, thank the gods of sexy for the publication of kINKED.

I know, I know. I’m biased, because my story, “Begin Again,” appears in the collection. I’m supposed to plug the anthology as one of its authors…I’m well aware you may read everything that comes next with a grain of salt.

But here’s the truth of the matter.

I am legitimately excited to receive my printed copy of kINKED, not because I’ll be giddy to see my name in print, but because I want to gobble up the book like a midnight snack. I’m hungry for these stories. I can’t wait to dive into these tattooed tales and submerge myself in the endless possibilities of color, fantasy, and deep, dark desire.

Join me, will you? The buzz of the tattoo gun beckons.

Let’s get kINKED.



Every tattoo tells a story…

A submissive pain slut receives a tattoo as a reward for years of selfless service. A man’s body is used to deliver a very different kind of message to a domineering masochist. An exotic teahouse on an alien planet where one woman explores her submissiveness with a set of shapeshifting twins.

These and other sizzling stories take you to the places where kink meets ink and leave you indelibly marked.

Word Count: 71,000 Kink Level: D/s, BDSM and voyeurism featuring M/f, F/m, F/f and M/M/f pairings

ISBN 978-1-988233-19-2 (physical) ISBN 978-1-988233-20-8 (electronic)

Available March 14, 2017

Begin Again by Tiffany Michelle Brown is a story about a woman whose first tattoo unlocks a whole other life for her, along with a long-lost love. (M/f)

Inkarnate by Mara Malins is about an artist who tries tattooing from a place of desperation and discovers not only a new career but a whole new world and a side of herself she hadn’t known existed. (M/f)

The Courier by Danielle Davis takes place in a world where paper is a precious commodity and so messages are often tattooed onto courier’s bodies. When one courier delivers a message the recipient wants to read over and over things it has a profound impact on his life. (F/m)

Through Glass a Stranger by Renee Dominick is about what happens when the man Liliya has been watching from afar decides to change the rules of their game. (Voyeur)

In For the Occasion by Brantwijn Serrah a lucky pain slut is gifted a brand new nipple tattoo by her mistress. (F/f)

Sae-ri by Nicole Blackwood features not one, but two sexy werewolf — and did I mention that they are twins? They’ve claimed Zoe as their own, but it’ll all be for nought if she doesn’t claim them in return. (M/M/f)

Kayla left her dominant partner, Mark, and got engaged to another man in Ink and Ocean by Meredith Dark. But soon after that engagement falls apart Kayla finds herself back in Mark’s apartment, teased and tempted by the past… (M/f)

Painted Red by Sara Dobie Bauer features a leading man with an interesting fetish — Ben loves tattoos. Like, he really, really loves tattoos. Will Angie’s issues keep her and Ben from being together or will he break down her defenses so they can find happiness together? (m/f)

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