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She's escaped a world of eternal darkness... now, she might be blinded by the light.

She battled her way through the devil's kingdom. She faced down the Father of Demons, Reaper himself. Safely returned to daylight lands, Serenity knows she should rejoice. How can she though, when the devil's next wicked scheme has already taken root within her own body?

Reaper won't let her rest for long. Already witches, spirits, and assassins are on the hunt for her. Her own demon partner, D'aej, can't be trusted for second. Dark forces will stop at nothing to drag Serenity and the cursed seed she bears back into the Dark Father's hands.

Hiding among pirates, ducking witch hunters and wild demons, Serenity is running out of time. Reaper's victory draws closer with each heartbeat, and this time, he won't let her rob him of his prize.

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