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Into Nostra - Paperback and Ebook
The Pact Title
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The Pact - Paperback and Ebook Combo.jpg

When apprentice runeweaver Serenity Walker sees her mentor murdered in the street, her hopes of home, a family, and belonging, die with him.

Now, to find the man who reshaped her past, Serenity offers up her future. She’ll face a world where runeweavers are hunted down to be hanged, whipped, or burned alive... but she won’t face it alone. Her quest leads her into a dangerous deal with a demon. Armed with its dark power and her own talent with the runes, she blazes a trail across the lands where ranchers and railroad men are kings, and the prevailing law is the law of the gun.


Alongside her demon partner, Serenity's closing in on her prey with vengeance on her mind... and dangerous black magic at her fingertips

If you stalked the night with the Night Angel Trilogy, set things ablaze with The Dresden Files, or followed the beam to the Dark Tower, you'll love this dark fantasy adventure.

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Into Nostra Title

Deals with the devil always have their price. Problem is, the devil collects with interest.

Serenity Walker thought she had the upper hand when it came to her partnership with a demon. D'aej is dangerous, but he was always on her side. Then an old friend lifts the scales from her eyes, and Serenity sees her contract for what it truly is: imprisonment, bloodshed, evil. All done by her own hands.

Now Serenity must pay for her ignorance and work harder than ever to fight a demon who can use her body, fool her senses, even twist every thought in her head. Only one sorceress has the power to teach Serenity what she really needs to know…a sorceress possessed by a fiend even bigger and badder than any Serenity has seen before

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Shadowlands Title
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Shadowlands - Paperback and Ebook

She was warned never to enter the Rachalör. Now she's lost in its endless darkness.

Serenity Walker's been in bad straits before, but things have gone from bad to worse, to hopeless. Stranded behind enemy lines in a wilderness festering with dark power, Serenity's out of options. With her magic and defenses stripped away from her, Serenity is every demon's prey.

But there's more to fear than monsters. Somewhere within herself, Serenity has stumbled across new memories. Memories that don't belong to her, but to the ancient, angry spirit behind the birth of this evil place. Hidden secrets overwhelm Serenity's mind... and lurking behind them, growing ever meaner, is a mad apparition that doesn't like the intrusion.

Fighting Dirty
Fighting Dirty - Paperback and Ebook
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The Father of Demons has her allies in his grasp, and Serenity has a whole country of dark forces hunting her down.


To find her way to Reaper's capitol and rescue the only witch who can stop him, Serenity must truly embrace the darkness within.

With the power of her demon partner D'aej, and a desperate posse of survivors watching her back, Serenity dives into the deadly world of arcane gladiatorial combat. Facing off against warlocks, mercenaries, and twisted monsters, her only hope is to win her way to the highest arena—and find victory in the crushing heart of the devil's world.

Fighting Dirty Title
Path of Wolves
Path of Wolves - Paperback and Ebook Com
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She's escaped a world of eternal darkness... now, she might be blinded by the light.

She battled her way through the devil's kingdom. She faced down the Father of Demons, Reaper himself. Safely returned to daylight lands, Serenity knows she should rejoice. How can she though, when the devil's next wicked scheme has already taken root within her own body?

Reaper won't let her rest for long. Already witches, spirits, and assassins are on the hunt for her. Her own demon partner, D'aej, can't be trusted for second. Dark forces will stop at nothing to drag Serenity and the cursed seed she bears back into the Dark Father's hands.

Hiding among pirates, ducking witch hunters and wild demons, Serenity is running out of time. Reaper's victory draws closer with each heartbeat, and this time, he won't let her rob him of his prize.

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