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Welcome to Newport Beach, California.

Scenic home of surfers, swimmers, artists and dreamers,

wealthy sophisticates, and the occasional bloodsucking vampire.

The life of an undead, imperfect vampire leaves little time for romance, and sharing secrets with mortals can get them killed. Especially if one of your secrets is a card-carrying, bloodsucking psychopath of an ex—with a jealous streak. Though Ji-Hyun’s been free of Juliet for decades, she’s never forgotten the violent, deadly consequences of their toxic love.

So when sexy bassist Jamie Cutter charms his way into her bed, Ji means to keep things strictly casual. There’s no future for her with a human, of course. But Jamie turns things upside-down with unexpected ease: for the first time in decades, Ji remembers what it’s like to feel the sun and breathe the sweet, summer air on the beach. Jamie makes her feel alive again.

Until Juliet returns with plans to rekindle their romance—and an army of vampires to bend Ji, Jamie, and all the Brides of Carpathia to her whim.

When unsuspecting Jamie is caught in the middle of their hellish lover’s spat, Ji must confront her former flame, her maker, and the life she lost fifty years ago... before Juliet brings her new one crashing down around her.


Fans of True Blood, Anita Blake, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will love this new urban fantasy romance series... with bite!

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