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Welcome to Newport Beach, California.

Scenic home of surfers, swimmers, artists and dreamers,

wealthy sophisticates, and the occasional bloodsucking vampire.

Kate Ramirez has spent years running from a family determined to keep her caged. When she finds herself in scenic Newport Beach, it isn't long before she's drawn to a group of local eccentrics. But when a fellowship gathering turns into the scene of a bloody slaughter, she finds herself the lone survivor.


And prime suspect.


Sebastian Stone never met a case he couldn't solve—but he's never met a brazen beauty like Kate before, either. Chasing her down means going beyond the smoke and mirrors, into a dark world of myth and monsters, where shocking answers lead to more questions. Closer and closer to the painful truth of who Kate really is.


And what she is capable of.


Fans of True Blood, Anita Blake, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will love this new urban fantasy romance series... with bite!

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