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Her former Master Alaric is finally gone. His tangled knot of secrets, and all the dark sorcery he left behind, are another matter.

Even as Sadira boards a ship bound for a new land and her lost past, she can't escape the shadow of Alaric's monstrous legacy. Her fierce desire to prove herself to her new Master and his people is thwarted almost immediately by an unexpected black magic. And once again, she is at the center of it.


Dreams evolve into shocking visions. Sailor's superstitions come to life. Sadira's escalating passions with  Bannon Sha'kurukh drive her to thrilling new heights--and plunge her into haunting supernatural chaos. Her very presence on the ship puts everyone at risk.


Before long, the peril is clear. Some new, destructive presence wants Sadira's attention… and is willing to kill, to get it

Fans of The Witcher, Immortals After Dark, and Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series will love this high-heat, fantasy romance full of dangerous liaisons and passionate themes of power exchange.

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Beauty's Secret (Final by Christian), Ha
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